NFPA 1001 Level I-II Firefighter Training Program – Blended

New to firefighting? Let FESTI help you rise further. This one-of-a-kind program offers an exciting learning opportunity that’s flexible to your schedule, so you can build a rewarding new career without disrupting your life. Get top quality resources online before heading into practical, in-class training, where you’ll learn from the best.

How it works

  • The online component consists of the same academic excellence and rigor as in-class courses. However, your theoretical learning experiences are self-paced over a four-month period.
  • Works with your schedule. You can complete the online material wherever and whenever it works for you.
  • Complete the online theory while travelling or working, including as a professional athlete.
  • The online course is delivered through our Learning Management System and is made up of 24 modules, which include:
    • Reading materials
    • Videos
    • Individual assignments
    • Written exams
    • Practical evolutions
  • The practical component is delivered on-site within our state-of-the-art training facility, where you learn by doing over a four-week period.
  • You’ll work with the same professional fire instructors who train our own firefighters. As well, we have an extensive, associate instructor program, comprised of over 80 professional firefighters, officers and subject-matter experts.
  • As a participant, you’ll have your own training wing within our operational fire-hall setting. Included are a training room, change rooms, apparatus bay and structural pumpers. You are responsible for cleaning your fire hall, re-packing your fire truck and inspecting daily all fire apparatus gear.
  • You’ll spend nearly 100% of your time developing hands-on skills, as you respond to fire scenarios in our burn house and rescue tower, climb ladders, perform search and rescue, practice firefighting survival, perform auto extrication, extinguish vehicle fires and fight flammable liquids and structure fires.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to interact with our own professional firefighters, as well as firefighters from around the world.
  • You’ll be provided with uniforms and personal protection equipment, but you are required to supply your own black safety shoes/boots with a CSA green tag.

What it looks like

  • You’ll work in small groups, with a 5:1 student to instructor ratio on all practical evolutions. You’ll be challenged every day to develop discipline, dedication, professionalism and commitment.
  • You’ll report to FESTI on time, wearing a clean uniform and prepared to work alongside fellow firefighters in team building, as you perform together such challenging tasks as daily inspections, firefighting drills, fire truck washing and responding to progressively more challenging fire scenarios.
  • Course hours are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lunch is from 12 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. (meals are not included).

Your achievements

  • After successful completion of the program, you’ll have the practical skills that make you firefighting ready. You’ll also have a full understanding of the discipline required, as well as the kind of dedication and professionalism that fire chiefs and fire officers look for in a recruit firefighter.
  • During the final week of the program, you’ll take the Office of the Fire Marshal’s (OFM) Provincial exam and practical skills assessment which is proctored at FESTI. Upon receipt of your Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) and Emergency Management certificate, an application will be available to apply to Pro Board. Submitting this application and required funds to the Pro Board will provide graduates with an additional certificate from their course. The Pro Board is an internationally recognized means of acknowledging professional achievement in the fire service and related fields.
  • Pro Board recognized certification from an accredited agency is a statement of success and an indisputable mark of performance belonging to individual fire service professionals. Each successful candidate for certification from an accredited agency knows that he or she has been measured against peers and meets rigorous national standards. Certification affords the individual a uniformity and portability of qualifications. In addition, the credibility of an organization is enhanced by having members certified to national consensus standards. For more information, please check out

French translation assistance

Our bilingual instructors are able to provide French translation assistance as requested for this program.


In the furtherance of your personal protection, the use of the following four pieces of firefighting gear is required throughout the course and will be at a cost to you of $870.00, and are yours to keep – this personal protective equipment can be used later in instances such as firefighter candidate testing or simply as you continue to practice your firefighting skills after course graduation:

  • firefighting helmet
  • firefighting flash-hood
  • firefighting gloves
  • firefighting boots

Additionally, you will also be required to wear structural firefighter’s protective clothing which will be sized to you by the supplier. This is a rental item to cover the entire duration of the course and will include a firefighting jacket and a pair of firefighting pants at a rental cost to you of $117.00.

The total cost for attending this course is $8,284.37, which includes HST and certification examination fees.

Scheduled Dates

New course serials training year 2022 have been released on 16 August 2021 at 9:00 AM. Please register below.

Note: For returning applicants who want to check the status of their application please log in to your FESTI account to check the status of your vocation application. It is the fastest way to confirm your application status instead of calling in your status application questions.

Our plan for the training year 2022 as far as the Blended program is as follows:

Course SerialOnline Phase Start DateIn-house Training Start DateEnd DateSeat Capacity
22-01October 28, 2021February 28, 2022March 25, 2022[ sold out ]
22-02November 18, 2021March 18, 2022April 14, 2022[ sold out ]
22-03December 9, 2021April 11, 2022May 10, 2022[ sold out ]
22-04January 6, 2022May 10, 2022June 7, 2022[ sold out ]
22-05February 3, 2022June 3, 2022June 30, 2022 [ sold out ]
22-06March 3, 2022July 4, 2022July 29, 2022[ sold out ]
22-07April 7, 2022August 8, 2022September 2, 2022 [ sold out ]
22-08April 21, 2022August 19, 2022September 16, 2022 [ sold out ]
22-09May 12, 2022September 12, 2022October 7, 2022 [ sold out ]
22-10June 2, 2022October 4, 2022November 1, 2022[ sold out ]
22-11June 23, 2022October 28, 2022November 25, 2022 [ sold out ]
22-12July 21, 2022November 21, 2022December 16, 202222

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