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Film at FESTI

FESTI is proud to have hosted many commercial, TV, and film productions. Our facilities offer exciting backdrops, flexible shooting arrangements and plenty of large open spaces. We can accommodate action shots like explosions or fire, plus have plenty of space for staging areas as well. Come and see what FESTI has to offer your shoot today.

A unique airport backdrop

We offer:

  • Access to the burn tower (availability to do live burns)
  • Access to fire apparatus and trained firefighters
  • Affordable access to an aircraft
  • Unique building design (concrete and modern open spaces) allows for varied sets
  • Ability to build props when required
  • Backdrop of airport
  • Central location- public transit, rail and flight to make travel easy
  • Access to hotels right around the corner (varied budgets) (FESTI rates may apply)

Cost-effective, efficient and safe options

Our location and environment mean you can save on production costs, whatever your needs. We offer:

  • On-site parking available
  • Flexible filming times
  • All props on-site allow for unlimited access without transporting equipment
  • Gate security to hold equipment over multiple days if required without cost of additional security
  • Access to our emergency responders to consult on shoot requirements and perform safety functions

Pricing is done by request on a case-by-case basis based on use of assets, length of filming, and staffing requirement.  Please enquire.

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