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Interview Essentials for Aspiring Firefighters

Take Your Firefighter Dream to the Next Level with Interview Essentials at FESTI.

Join the Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI) for an exclusive 2-day course designed to catapult your firefighter career pursuit to new heights!

Refine Your Edge with These Crucial Topics

  • Building Your Personal Brand, craft a unique and compelling identity that sets you apart
  • Harnessing Your Online Presence, leverage the digital realm to boost your visibility and credibility
  • Resume and Cover Letters, create impactful documents that demand attention from fire departments
  • Decoding What Recruiters Seek, gain insider insights into the minds of hiring professionals
  • Navigating Diverse Interview Questions, prepare for a spectrum of challenging questions
  • Crafting Effective Responses, hone your ability to communicate confidently and effectively
  • Proven Interview Strategies, uncover exclusive tips to ace your firefighter interviews
  • Embracing Volunteerism, showcase your unwavering commitment to community service
  • Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, learn how to be an advocate for inclusivity in firefighting

Bonus Feature: Real-World Simulation!

Mock Panel Interview with a Deputy Chief and HR Professional: get ready to put your skills to the test in an authentic interview setting.

Why This Course is Your Ticket to Success

This isn’t just another interview preparation course; it’s a transformational experience led by expert instructors who are seasoned HR professionals with a deep understanding of the firefighter hiring landscape.

Course Format

2-Day Live, In-Person Training at FESTI: Immerse yourself in interactive learning activities that will bolster your confidence, ensuring you’re fully prepared to seize your firefighting dream.

** Special note on the Mock Interview Experience:

  • On the second day of the Interview Mastery Course you will take center stage and participate in a realistic mock panel interview
  • Authentic Interview Questions where you face the heat as a Deputy Chief and HR Professional grill you with genuine interview questions
  • Immediate Personalized Feedback whereby you receive invaluable feedback on your responses, allowing you to learn and grow on the spot


9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


$378.00 + HST

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