Our Emergency Service Professionals Training Programs

Our Emergency Service Professionals (ESP) programs are designed for current emergency services professionals looking to enhance their skills, grow their career, and stay current in emerging trends and techniques.  With our learner-centric programs, you will split your time between 50% hands-on skill development and modern theoretical training methods. 

FESTI also offers a variety of online blended content for our ESP audience. This helps reduce some training costs for your department and provides overtime savings. Our ESP students can also expect to be taught by industry professionals who understand their specific needs and can relate to their experiences.

What makes us unique

Training at FESTI is truly an experience like no other. Here, you will receive:

  • Emergency personnel working as adjunct instructors supporting our instructional staff. These people bring current and relevant experiences to the classroom.
  • A blended approach to courses to offer flexibility to training and cost savings to your department
  • Industry partners who offer current tools for our emergency responders

All this at the only fire training facility in the world attached to a real airport fire department.