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CBRNE Hazardous Material Awareness



What we offer

This is North America’s only accredited program specifically developed for security personnel, first responders and “at risk” employees in chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive training programs, specifically designed to meet the internationally recognized standards of NFPA 1072.

Governments and municipal services have long had proactive training and response programs in place to effectively respond and manage these threats, and the need for private industry awareness training has become a requirement to ensure employee occupational safety, comply with workplace violence programs and to limit the high costs and impact to business and facility operations.

This accredited program meets the requirements for Hazardous Materials Awareness Level under the National Fire Protection Association NFPA 1072, with the unique addition of facility & property management response, mitigation and recovery considerations. The program provides awareness level training for facility security personnel and “at-risk” employees and prepares them with the proper knowledge to effectively deal with these types of incidents.

An operational disruption of any kind negatively affects an organization’s ability to service their customers. The actions of staff in the first five minutes will ultimately determine impact to public safety, and the length of lost time due to a C.B.R.N.E Incident. Your staff will be trained to do the right things prior to the arrival of Emergency Responders to effectively, and safely, react to any CBRNE issues they may encounter.

This course is designed to give students a level of awareness to identify types of suspicious packages, hazardous materials, associated hazards, immediate steps and considerations for employee safety and facility prevention, mitigation, response and recovery considerations. The training program supports training requirements set forth under applicable fire codes, occupational health and safety and workplace violence requirements.

It’s aimed at security personnel, facility managers, executive teams, administrative assistants. office administration, mailroom staff, and shipping and receiving employees.

Course duration

1 day (Lunch, coffee and snacks are provided)

Continuing professional development credits

6.5 Credits.


Accredited Certificate issued to successful participants with IFE Canada numbered Seal, in accordance with NFPA 1072.

Course venue

Accredited program may be held at any location.


$441.60 plus HST

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