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Hazmat Scene Management 1 Day


  • First Responder Operations, ICS 100, and ICS 200 

What we offer

This course is intended for firefighters, government employees, military personnel, and private industry emergency responders, who could manage a hazardous material emergency. It provides the tools a person needs to assume control of an emergency response to a hazardous materials incident. It focuses on how to assess hazards, manage risk, comply with legal requirements and implement protective actions. Instructional methods include class activities, case studies and table-top exercises with emphasis on hands-on decision making.

Course topics include:

  • Laws and regulations
  • Hazard assessment,
  • ICS team typing
  • Protective actions
  • Hazmat site safety
  • Operational risk management
  • Incident termination

This program meets OSHA requirements and NFPA recommendations for training at the Incident Commander level.

Course duration

8 Hours


$185.00 plus HST. Lunch is included.

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