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Emergency Services Machine Rescue


  • Standard First Aid with Level C CPR. A copy must be uploaded/attached as part of the application process.

What we offer

Machines and equipment are a part of our daily lives. When the human body becomes entangled, crushed, or impaled, quick rescue actions can save lives.
This course follows NFPA 1006 Chapter 13 and provides you with the techniques necessary to safely respond to an incident involving machinery rescue. Throughout the course, our experienced Instructors will provide you with the information to correctly handle these complex scenes and guide you through correct equipment manipulation to safely extricate patients. During the course, an emphasis is placed on tool practice and you will have many opportunities to utilize hand and power tools to complete disentanglements and rescues and develop confidence in your tool work through progressive skill stations.

Small class sizes and effective student to Instructor ratios allow you time to focus on your skill development. You’ll have time to work with tools and develop your comfort level so that you can have effective involvement in scenarios and emergencies.


This course covers all the competencies within the Operations Level of NFPA 1006, Chapter 13, including:

  • Managing Resources
  • Incident Surveys
  • Scene size-up
  • Scene Safety
  • Operational zones
  • Site Operations
  • Hazards Control
  • Fire control support
  • Equipment stabilization
  • Energy isolation
  • Machinery access
  • Victim and rescuer protection
  • Disentangle victims
  • Victim stabilization
  • Building mechanical equipment
  • Victim removal

Course duration 

Two (2) days

Course hours

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Payment must be made when registering for courses. We reserve the right to cancel seven days prior to any course in which the minimum registration is not achieved.

Student must bring 

Steel toe boots, safety glasses and gloves. This training involves exterior evolutions and practical work. Please dress according to weather.


$685.00 plus HST

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